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Potions FestivalWizards and sorcerers from all around the world get together in a contest of potions. They open the old Grimoires and start selecting potions and ingredients. The rules are strict and only the best will prevail. Buy NOW!Potions Festival is card game were the players collect ingredients to make potions. The ingredients are at the center of table and the potions are hidden. The ingredient cards are placed or moved to match the sequence of the potion. They must lie in single path. You can choose any needed ingredients as long as they are connected in a single path. You cannot backtrack at the path or pass twice by a card. There are four kinds of ingredients and three types of magic. At the end of the game additional points are earned by who have most from each type of magic and also for those who collected all three types.

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In July 1947, after World War II; a billionaire gathered together the most talented and some of the maddest scientists of the time. He gave them money and resources to pursue his dream: build a moon base. The team that succeeds would receive a huge money prize.
Each scientist started building his team and equipping his rocket, only the best will win.
Moon Base 47 is a 1 1/2 hour game for 2 to 5 players. Players compete to be the best team to go to the moon, build a Moon Base and return safely. The player with the most victory points wins. Players bid on crew members and equipment to build their rockets. Disaster cards are drawn during the flight, and counter measures taken by the team are awarded points.